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Iain O’Brien wants YOU…

to read this blog. (Well, one of the posts on this blog. Semantics.)

This makes me ridiculously happy, especially since I didn’t have to bribe/blackmail/beg him to tweet that. He is just that awesome (which, I should say, I knew before the blog-pimping happened.)

I am thrilled, I am proud, I am…suddenly kind of regretting those posts involving Iain, jrod, and implications of a shared Twitter-facilitated foot fetish.

Oops. Oh well.

Cheers, IOB. You rock.

Like this. But HARDER.


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Feet of Clay

Ah HA! It would seem that Iain O’Brien has heeded the wishes of this blog and returned to the theme we all know and love (especially Jrod). Glad to see that you’re back to – hey, wait a minute. Something’s off about that picture…is that…


That’s just not fair. To Jrod, to us – to yourself.

And don’t think rewriting classical mythology to make it exponentially more awesome is going to make up for it, either.



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Oh, my…

Iain O’Brien continues to titillate us via Twitter.

But it’s just not the same without the feet, Iain. If you must tease us, do it the way you’ve always done it. You know, the way jrod likes it.

Otherwise, it’s just cruel.


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